This third annual studio show is in a stunning ultra modern house designed by Bercy Chen Studios in the hills between Davenport Ranch and Rob Roy in Austin. The show features 33 new canvases and four new series: The ¨Palettes¨ series concentrates the colors of Venice, Saint-Tropez, Nice and Berlin to return you subliminally to these wonderful places each time you view them. ¨Color Stripes¨ are bright combinations that activate individually and together. The ten canvases in the ¨Details¨ series, created by only 3-6 lines within a square, provide points of tension and perspectives. The six ¨Color¨ canvases punctuate spaces with small jewels of intriguing color. ¨Berlin Reichtag¨ abstracts the interior vortex of the landmark dome above the seat of the German Parliament. ¨Triangulation No. 4¨ is a striking composition of energy among black/white/red/grey. The ¨Tuscany and Umbria¨ series continues with four more canvases that beautifully synthesize the rich colors of these Italian regions. The bold ¨Black & White¨ series continues with four new canvases exploring tensions and juxtapositions, providing dynamism to any space.

Racae Meyer - Postcard - front 2018 6 Series.jpg
Racae Meyer - 2 Erwin waiting for show to start.jpg
Racae Meyer - 3 Us meeting Tako and husband with Don and Brigitte.jpg
Racae Meyer - 4 Dale and Sarah standing around near island.jpg
Racae Meyer - 5 Stratton and wife best.jpg
Racae Meyer - 6 Annabelle explaining her sculpture with Lauren in background.jpg
Racae Meyer - 7 Black & White No. 3 between windows.jpg
Racae Meyer - 8 Black & White No. 3 angled with windows.jpg
Racae Meyer - 9 Red vase next to curatorial statements.jpg
Racae Meyer - 10 Food and wine display on central island.jpg
Racae Meyer - 11 Erwin Brigitte Tako near island.jpg
Racae Meyer - 12 Erwin and Brigitte greeting with Don in background at island.jpg
Racae Meyer - 13 Erwin and Brigitte hugging with Don and Tako´s husband near island.jpg
Racae Meyer - 14 Sarah with two others and Andrew near island.jpg
Racae Meyer - 15 Jose and Boston with spouses along windowall.jpg
Racae Meyer - 16 Liz and her bar.jpg
Racae Meyer - 17 Jason and Jessica talking with Racae.jpg
Racae Meyer - 18 NIght Train ensemble.jpg
Racae Meyer - 19 Erwin and Don talking near Harmonious Quartet.jpg
Racae Meyer - 20 Composition No. 10 angled shot partial.jpg
Racae Meyer - 21 Erwin Racae and Tako´s husband near doorway with Harmonious Quartet in background.jpg
Racae Meyer - 22 Harmonious Quartet with Composition Nos 9 and 10.jpg
Racae Meyer - 23 Jason looking up at Triangulation No. 1.jpg
Racae Meyer - 24 Triangulation No. 1 adjacent to Composition No. 9.jpg
Racae Meyer - 25 Composition 10 with window and stone wall.jpg
Racae Meyer - 26 Erwin smiling in hallway with Harmonious Quartet in background.jpg
Racae Meyer - 27 Harmonious Quartet detail angled on No. 4.jpg
Racae Meyer - 28 Harmonious Quartet and Composition No. 10 with big stone wall.jpg
Racae Meyer - 29 Deborah looking at Color Stripes in hallway with light shining on paintings.jpg
Racae Meyer - 30 Christine and husband smiling looking at Palettes.jpg
Racae Meyer - 31 Hallway showing Details with Night Train dark in background.jpg
Racae Meyer - 32 Annabelle in hallway near MB with Erwin in background.jpg
Racae Meyer - 33 Color Stripes 1-3 with sunlight on them.jpg
Racae Meyer - 34 Color Stripes and Details along hallway with sunlight on them.jpg
Racae Meyer - 35 Details Colors 4 3 7 5 along wall.jpg
Racae Meyer - 36 Sarah with Garrett in background along hallway.jpg
Racae Meyer - 37 Brigitte and Tako in Black & White + Color space.jpg
Racae Meyer - 38 Garrett and Mims with Enge in front of Venice better.jpg
Racae Meyer - 39 Palette Venice with friend of Andrew´s.jpg
Racae Meyer - 40 Palette Nice.jpg
Racae Meyer - 41 Palette Berlin.jpg
Racae Meyer - 42 Palette Saint-Tropez.jpg
Racae Meyer - 43 Randall and Garrett in front of Palettes.jpg
Racae Meyer - 44 Erwin in MB bath with Colors in background.jpg
Racae Meyer - 45 Color Nos. 6  2  5 .jpg
Racae Meyer - 46 Colors Nos. 3 and 4.jpg
Racae Meyer - 47 Racae taking photo of Detail No. 1.jpg
Racae Meyer - 48 Brigitte and Tako in Black & White + Color space.jpg
Racae Meyer - 49 Black & White + Color Nos. 1-3 in space.jpg
Racae Meyer - 50 Triangulation No. 4 with window and blue sky to right above.jpg
Racae Meyer - 51 Brigitte and Tako´s husband in Black & White space.jpg
Racae Meyer - 52 Berlin Reichstag with window in background.jpg
Racae Meyer - 53 Black & White Nos. 5 and 6 angled.jpg
Racae Meyer - 54 Brigitte Don and Tako´s husband in Black & White space.jpg
Racae Meyer - 55 Details No. 10 shadows.jpg
Racae Meyer - 56 Detail No. 9 Black & White with other behind.jpg
Racae Meyer - 57 Erwin talking with Art Alliance couple in Black & White space.jpg
Racae Meyer - 58 Racae and Don talking in front of Black & Whites.jpg
Racae Meyer - 59 Racae and Erwin in front of Berlin Reichstag.jpg
Racae Meyer - 60 Racae Brigitte and Tako in Black & White room.jpg
Racae Meyer - 61 Detail No. 2 with Tuscany and Umbria No. 3 beyond.jpg
Racae Meyer - 62 Detail No. 1 with Tuscany and Umbria Nos 3 and 2 on wall with window.jpg
Racae Meyer - 63 Erwin and Don in Tuscany and Umbria space.jpg
Racae Meyer - 64 Tako and Erwin talking about Tuscany and Umbria paintings.jpg
Racae Meyer - 65 Balcony - looking at pool and art through windows.jpg
Racae Meyer - 66 Deborah Liz and X on terrace in black.jpg
Racae Meyer - 67 Sky from Bed 4.jpg
Racae Meyer - 68 Detail No. 6.jpg
Racae Meyer - 69 Detail No. 8 adjacent to Tuscany and Umbria No. 6 (very good).jpg
Racae Meyer - 70 Detail No. 9.jpg
Racae Meyer - 71 Tuscany and Umbria Nos. 6 and 5.jpg
Racae Meyer - 72 Racae talking with Art Alliance guests in front foyer with Tuscany & Umbrias in background.jpg
Racae Meyer - 73 Erwin in entrance of office with Detail No. 8 to side.jpg
Racae Meyer - 74 Tuscany and Umbria No. 7 and Detail No. 8 beyond.jpg
Racae Meyer - 75 Olives vegetable and fruit plates with wine.jpg
Racae Meyer - 76 Cheese and nuts tray from above with sandals.jpg
Racae Meyer - 77 Fruit plate from above.jpg
Racae Meyer - 78 Crackers and sticks tray from above with sandals.jpg
Racae Meyer - 79 Dessert tray - chocolates.jpg
Racae Meyer - 79 Bold Ruler house with Black & White No. 3 thru window.jpg
Racae Meyer - 80 Racae and Erwin in front of sunset on terrace close up.jpg
Racae Meyer - 81 Bold Ruler sunset.jpg